Accelerating the Deployment of Emerging Climate Technologies

Breakthrough Energy Catalyst is a novel platform that funds and invests in project companies utilizing emerging climate technologies that reduce emissions. By investing in these opportunities, Catalyst seeks to accelerate the adoption of these technologies worldwide and reduce their Green Premiums.

Our Approach

Catalyst both funds large demonstration projects and invests in first-of-a-kind projects that use key emerging climate technologies. Using our capital alongside our team’s energy infrastructure investing and project development expertise, we collaborate with companies and key stakeholders to efficiently advance projects from development to the construction stage.

With over $1 billion raised in committed capital, Catalyst focuses on projects where we believe, with the right capital solutions and expertise, cleaner alternatives can displace carbon-intensive technologies. These could include:

  • Clean Hydrogen to decarbonize industry and transportation
  • Long Duration Energy Storage to provide cleaner and more reliable power in addition to heat
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel to power aviation
  • Direct Air Capture to remove CO2 from the atmosphere
  • Manufacturing to decarbonize cement, steel, and plastics