Breakthrough Energy Ventures

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Attract other investors

BEV is committed to supporting entrepreneurs and companies with our unique combination of technical, operational, market, and policy expertise. Our team is made up of technical experts, operators, and entrepreneurs whose deep scientific knowledge allows them to identify technology gaps and potentially fill them.

BEV Board and Investors

BEV’s Investors include global businesses leaders , individuals, and a government investment fund with the resources, risk management, and patience to invest in climate technology.

BEV Porrfolio

BEV invests in visionary entrepreneurs focused on buiding companies that can have significant impact on climate change at scale

  • Create technologies with the potential to reduce greenhouse gases, at scale.

Empowering Investments in Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future

At our renewable energy investment company, we strive to deliver comprehensive services that enable our clients to make impactful investments in the renewable energy sector while achieving their financial goals.

"Driving the Transition to Clean Energy: Invest in Renewable Solutions"

We believe in the power of clean and green energy sources to shape a better world, and we are committed to driving positive change through strategic and impactful investments. With our expertise in the renewable energy sector and a strong focus on environmental sustainability, we provide comprehensive investment solutions that not only deliver attractive financial returns but also contribute to reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change.